•      District 47 adopted a new math curriculum two years ago, Math Expressions. As a district, we are excited about this program and the concept of mastery learning.
         We know that while students are adjusting to the rigor of the program and expectations, that homework may seem a little overwhelming. We are very sensitive to those concerns and want our students to feel confident about the program.
         The district expectation for math homework is ten minutes per grade level. As our students are in fifth grade, please do not spend more than 50 minutes on math homework. After 50 minutes, please feel free to sign the homework and turn it in wherever your child left off. There will be no penalty for turning in homework that is incomplete after working on it for the 50 minutes.
         Please feel free to call me with any questions or concerns regarding your individual child’s needs. I am always here to help and support your child.  Below you will find the Math Parent Letters to help you assist your child in his or her learning as well.  We are currently in Unit 1.