• Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year

    Posted by Kathleen Rogers on 8/27/2019

    Our school year is off to a great start.  The students are learning routines and practicing expectations, seeing old friends and making new ones.  As the weeks' progress make sure to check Seesaw, my main mode of communication with parents, for all of the exciting things your fifth grader is doing in school. 

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  • Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year

    Posted by Kathleen Krystal on 8/25/2018

    Welcome back to school!  I hope you are as excited as I am about starting the school year.  Our first three days were fast and furious with learning routines and getting to know one another.  My main method of communication will be through the Seesaw app.  It is almost up and running, as, with any new technology, the app has had a few glitches.  I will get out the sign-up information asap.  

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  • Remember to keep checking Seesaw for updates!

    Posted by Kathleen Krystal on 1/19/2018
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  • Welcome back from Winter Break

    Posted by Kathleen Krystal on 1/12/2018

    I hope you had a relaxing break and holiday.  I know I am excited to be back and I hope the students are too!  Remember that this is a four day weekend, both Friday and Monday are school holidays.  When we return after MLK day the students will have 2 days of MAP testing on Wednesday and Thursday.  

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  • Veteran's Day donations

    Posted by Kathleen Krystal on 11/10/2017

    Veterans Day Donations - An Invitation from JA Frate

    This year, District 47 has been asked by local trucking company JA Frate to participate in the company’s annual supply drive with Operation Support Our Troops - America for actively serving military men and women from Illinois. Cards are welcome as are items on this list: Our school is doing a Veterans Day Respect celebration on November 21st at 2:45 pm Please have them to school on that day, November 21st to bring to the assembly. Thank you for contributions for the Veterans.

    Please see the list below of items we need for our Comfort and Care Packages.

     ITEMS URGENTLY NEEDED (out of stock or nearly out of stock):

    Jelly (16 oz or less, no glass)

    Boxed Crackers (16 oz or less)

    Tuna (cans or flat packs)

     White Athletic Socks
    Foot Powder / TP / Dryer Sheets
    Nasal Spray
    Eye Drops / Saline Solution
    Large Mouthwash (16 oz or less, no glass)
    Cough Drops / Vitamin C Drops
    Band Aids / Q Tips
    Slim Jim’s / Jerky
    Ramen (Flat Packs, no Cups)
    Raisins, Cran Raisins, Dried Fruit



      1.  Eye Drops / Saline Solution
      2. Nasal Spray
      3. Anti Itch Cream
      4.  Mouthwash (Travel Size) (for Toiletry Bags)
      5.  Body Lotion / Body Wash / Shampoo (12 oz. or less)
      6. Mouthwash (16.9 oz.or less, no glass)
      7. Foot Powder
      8.  Crackers (12 oz box or less)
      9. Antacids (rolls or 100 ct. or less)
    10.  Canned Fruit (16 oz or less, no glass)
    11.  Hand Sanitizers (large & small)
    12.  Feminine Products
    13.  Individual Sanitizing Handi Wipes
    14.  Single Toothbrushes / Dental Floss
    15.  Deodorant
    16. Hand Warmers
    17.  AA Batteries
    18.  Handi Wipes
    19.  Cough Drops / Vitamin C Drops
    20. Jelly (30 oz. or less, no glass)
    21.   Pringles
    22.   Granola Bars
    23.  Fruit Snacks
    24.  Individual Creamer Packets (Powder) (Hot Drinks)
    25.  Dried Fruit / Raisins /Cran Raisins, etc.
    26.  Rice Krispie Bars
    27.  Individual Trail Mix
    28.  Snack Crackers / Cookies
    29.  Cans / Jars of Nuts (no glass)
    30.  White Athletic Socks
    31.  Individual Cold Drink Mix (Gatorade, Propel, Lemonade Singles)
    32. Individual Snack Size Nuts
    33. Gum & Mints
    33.  Jerky / Slim Jims
    34.  Pop Tarts / Breakfast Bars
    35.   Instant Oatmeal Packets
    36.  Individual Hot Drink Mix (Hot Chocolate, Coffee Singles) / Tea Bag
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  • Halloween Party

    Posted by Kathleen Krystal on 10/30/2017

    We are looking forward to having a fun Halloween celebration on Tuesday.  Please do not send in any food items.  Have your student bring their costume with them in a separate bag, we will have time to change into them before the parade starts at 2:15.  Also, the costume must be worn over clothes!  We are not letting students go to the bathroom to change into their costumes.  Thank you for your cooperation! 

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  • Conferences are this week!

    Posted by Kathleen Krystal on 10/16/2017

    Reminder: Parent Teacher Conferences are scheduled for this week.

    Wednesday 10/18, Thursday 10/19 and Friday 10/20 in the morning.  Please arrive at your scheduled time and wait outside my room.  If I am not available at your scheduled time please feel free to knock on the door!  

    Thank you and I look forward to meeting with you.  

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  • MAP results

    Posted by Kathleen Krystal on 10/6/2017

    Dear Parent or Guardian:

    In September, D47 students in grades 1-8 took the MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) test, which measures students' academic growth in the areas of reading and math. Fall MAP results will be shared with you at parent-teacher conferences in October (10/18-10/20). If you are unable to attend your child’s conference, MAP results will be sent home with your child by the end of October. For more information about MAP, visit www.d47.org/map. If you have questions, please contact me or the principal.

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  • Conference sign up

    Posted by Kathleen Krystal on 9/29/2017

    As we flip our calendars to October, we are reminded that it is time for Parent Teacher Conferences.  I am excited to share your student's progress thus far, as well as the goals they have for continued progress.

     This year's conferences will be held:

                                         Wednesday October 18th       5:00pm-8:00pm

                                        Thursday October 19th     12:00pm-8:00pm

                                         Friday October 20th 8:00am-11:00am

     This year you will need to use ParentVue to sign up for conferences. If you need computer access, we have technology available during school hours in our front lobby, and our office staff will gladly help you through the process.



    The window for families to select conference times will open on Friday, September 29th.


    Please log in to ParentVue and choose CONFERENCE from the left hand menu to choose a day and time that works for you and your student.  (If you have more than one student you will have to select each student separately to choose a date a time for a conference.) Your response will be automatically submitted to the teacher, while at the same time marking that time slot filled. (The time slots visible when you login are the only time slots currently available.) If you need to change the time of your conference, log back in to ParentVue, choose CONFERENCE, unselect your current time which will then allow you to choose a new time.


    If you would like to have an encore (Art, LMC, Music, PE or STEM), speech, reading teacher, or social worker included in your conference, please contact me so I can make arrangements for that individual to be present.  


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  • Keep Checking Seesaw for classroom updates and work posted!

    Posted by Kathleen Krystal on 9/29/2017
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