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Mr. Scott Dalzell

  • Welcome the home of Mr. Dalzell’s classroom website. You will find an assortment of information that will hopefully help with any questions you may have. The goal is to update the website with homework, documents and classroom information.  I've also included a homework grid under LA and is called Weekly Homework Grid. This mimics the grid that I have in my classroom. 


From the Core Center:

  • The District is excited to announce that we have reformatted the elementary and middle school student handbooks into one document (covering all grades, PreK-8) for the 2017/18 school year. The Illinois Principals’ Association (IPA) model handbook was used as a template for the new framework and contents as it aligns with the Illinois Association of School Boards’ (IASB) PRESS Policy Service, which the District already subscribes to for our policy review and revision process. This change allows us to achieve the following goals:

    1. To provide only one document for parents and students to know/reference regardless of grade level or home school;

    2. To keep the handbook as up-to-date as possible with School Code and legal mandates, which is ever-changing process; and

    3. To align and streamline handbook information and procedures with Board policy language.

    Specific topics/items that the District would highlight as changes for the 2017/18 handbook would include:

    ● Chapter 1

    • ○  School office hours and contacts are now incorporated into the handbook.

    • ○  As part of dropping off materials, parents are asked not to call/text their child about materials and/or try to communicate with the teacher via their child’s cell phone/texting.

    • ○   Animals are not allowed on school property except in instances when the animal is a service animal and/or is an educational opportunity for students.

    • ○  All volunteers must complete a “volunteer information form” and be approved by the building administration prior to volunteering (Forms are located on the school websites.).

    • ○  Students are not permitted to distribute party invitations at school (even if the whole class is invited). The elementary PTOs/PTAs organize a student directory to help facilitate the exchange of contact information for the purpose of play dates and party invitations. You will receive information about participating in this directory at the beginning of the school year.

    • ○  Outside food/treats/candy is not permitted for elementary classroom holiday parties (Halloween, Winter, and Valentine’s Day). For classrooms that are interested in provided some type of food/treat, the District’s food service provider, Sodexo, has a list of items that can be purchased in accordance with the health restrictions of students in the classroom. Cost for this option is at the discretion of the parents in the classroom.

    • ○  Gender support for students is a new section in this year’s handbook, which expands our non-discrimination policies and procedures to include students in gender transition.

    Educational Excellence for All Students is Our Passion and Commitment

    • ○  The LMC and Online Access section now includes the statement: “Parents are responsible for being aware of the books that their child is checking out and reading from the LMC.”

    • ○  The cell phones section now includes smartwatches and adds the following statement: “With the fast-paced change in technology, District 47 will treat any electronic device that has the capacity to call, text, and take pictures, which causes a disruption to the school environment, as a cell phone/smartwatch violation at any grade level.”

    ● Chapter 3
    ○ Starting with the 2017/18 school year, the cost of a lunch is $2.85.

    ● Chapter 4
    ○ The Bicycles and Skateboards section now includes “other forms of wheeled

    transportation” in its definition.

    • ●  Chapter 6

      • ○  Specific discipline based on a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd offense of a disciplinary infraction has been removed so that student and behavioral violations can be considered and decided on a case-by-case basis in light of the circumstances and appropriate restorative justice measures.

      • ○  A statement has been added about access to a student’s social networking, passwords, and websites in the course of an investigation.

    • ●  Chapter 9

    ○ Students must be in attendance for 1⁄2 day in order to return and participate in any

    type of extracurricular activity.
    The new student handbook is posted on District 47 websites under “Parents & Students” or it can

    be accessed by clicking one of the links below:

    Student Handbook - English Student Handbook - Spanish