Transportation for Special Education Students

  • Students receiving special education services may require special transportation to and/or from school. This decision will be made by the IEP team and will be documented in a student's IEP. Determination for special transportation may include (but is not limited to) the following scenarios:


    • Student attends an educational program not located at his/her home school.
    • Student requires a specialization due to accessibility.
    • Student cannot ride the general bus due to issues related to his/her identified disability.


    If your child is accessing special transportation and you have a question about his/her route, please contact the transportation department at 815.455.0558. If your child is having an issue on a bus with another student, please contact the building administrator at your child's school. 


    Safety Seating Systems

    See examples below for secure seating options provided by TJA: 


     Pro-Tech III  Integrated Seating


    Safety Vest  Star Seat


    Pick-up and Drop-off Procedures:



    Students must be ready at their scheduled pick-up time but may wait inside the house until the bus arrives. Once the bus arrives, it will wait for two minutes. The bus will then continue on with the route and will not return.



    When the bus arrives for drop-off, a parent or responsible care giver must be present and waiting to receive the student. The student will not be allowed off the bus until a responsible adult acknowledges the driver. If no one is waiting to accept the student, the driver will return the student to the school. Please note that once the bus departs, it will not return. To request that a student be dropped off unattended, please complete the release authorization form below and return it to your child's bus driver.


    Release Authorization Form - Click here.