• Fairness:  Orange (Adapted from the JOSEPHSON INSTITUTE)


    • Think of dividing an orange into equal sections to share fairly with friends
    • Play by the rules
    • Take turns and share
    • Be open-minded; listen to others
    • Don't take advantage of others
    • Don't blame others carelessly
    • Treat all people fairly


    "Fairness and Justice": This means to be fair and just in dealing with everyone; treat everyone equally. Make decisions without playing favorites and don't take advantage of others. Don't blame others carelessly or unjustly. Take only your fair share, take turns, and share with others.

    "Sportsmanship": Play by the rules, be honest in your judgments of scoring and penalties, and take turns. Make sure that teams are set up equally. Let competition guide you to do your best, not get the best of the opponents. Win and lose graciously.

    "Openness": Keep an open mind and hear people out. Listen to what others have to say and get the facts before you decide your feelings or opinions on the matter. In a disagreement, try to see the other person's side.