Student’s grade will be based on 2 categories. These categories are:


    Summative Assessments – These can be but are not limited to: Common Assessments, End of Unit Papers, End of Unit Tests, End of Unit Projects

    Summative assessments count for 70% of the student’s grade.


    Formative Assignments – are completed during a chapter/unit. These are used to monitor student learning and adjust instruction. These can include but are not limited to:

    mid-chapter quizzes, daily practice, reviews, classwork, homework assignments, papers.

    Formative assignments count for 30% of the student’s grade.


    HOMEWORK/PRACTICE ASSIGNMENTS are meant to prepare students for class. It is very important for students to complete assignments as due. A high percentage of learning takes place when a student has the opportunity to correct his or her own practice, in a timely fashion. Teachers will accept late work, on occasion; however, after multiple occurrences teachers will contact parents to discuss increased support at home.


    ABSENCES All teachers provide make-up work.  It is the responsibility of the student to check with each teacher upon their return to school.  Students are given one day of make-up for each day of absence. Please utilize our web site to look at what your child has missed.  Teachers may upload some materials to the web page which can be printed at home.  Other materials will have to be picked up by the student upon return to school.


    LOCKER USE Students will be given a pass in each of their core classes which will allow them to leave the classroom for any purposes up to 3 times per trimester.


    ASSIGNMENT NOTEBOOK USE Although the teachers will post assignments to their web pages, assignments and/or due dates may change and it is the responsibility of the student to check the teacher’s board each session and to record the day’s assignments in their assignment notebook.


    EXTRA HELP  Each teacher has set times that they are available. Some offer help during lunch. Some offer help after school. Some offer a combination of times.  It is the students’ responsibility to check with the individual teacher for availability.

    We now have an activity busses that leave the school at 4:15 and drop off students in many places in the area on MONDAYS, TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS.  This gives students the opportunity to stay after school for help without worrying about getting a ride home.  On these days there will be homework assistance in the media center from 2:15-4:15.


    How to Help Your Child be Successful in 7th Grade:

    Make sure that they are recording assignments daily.  Set aside a time and place each day for homework and studying. If you make school a priority, your child will too.

    E-mail any struggles to the teacher.  Be sure to include any details of the struggle.

    Encourage your child to stay after school for help.  There are activity busses available to take students home on Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 4:15.

    If your child continues to struggle, contact the team coordinator, Mrs. Plump ( laplump@d47.org ) to set up a team conference.


    How to Help Your Child with Homework:

    We encourage you to encourage your child to take homework seriously.  Here are some ways that you can help if your child is struggling:

    1. Ask your child to show you the notes that he/she took that day in class.  Students don’t always think about looking back at their notes when doing their homework.
    2. Ask your child to show you the information in his/her textbook.  Some textbooks are also on-line.
    3. Ask your child if there is support on a web site.  There is “on-line” tutoring for many of the textbooks.
    4. Encourage your child to contact a friend in the class.
    5. Encourage your child to speak with the teacher the next day.

    Students who become independent learners in middle school are successful learners in high school and beyond!


    How Students May Be Able to Bring up Their Grade:

    Some teachers allow retakes on assignments; some allow corrections. Please check with individual teachers for policies.

    Students should ask teacher for assistance if struggling. Teachers are willing to put aside time for individual students. It is the responsibility of the student to schedule time with the teacher.  Some teachers may provide other remediation type activities to earn back some of the points.