• The 1990's

    In 1991, Lundahl and North Junior High both received additions.  Lundahl received a new north end classroom addition, cafeteria, locker room area, and second gymnasium. 


    In 1991, Indian Prairie School opened on Village Road. Constructed on the south side of town in what had once been prairie, the school was named to honor the first school in Crystal Lake, South Prairie. Indian Prairie's first principal was Martin Anderson.


    In 1993, an addition was built unto North Elementary. This addition included: additional classrooms on the west side of the building.


    In the spring of 1995, Lundahl Junior High became an accredited middle school in the and the name was officially changed to Lundahl Middle School Campus for the opening of the 1996-97 school year.


    In 1996, Hannan Beardsley Middle School opened its doors on East Crystal Lake Avenue. HBMS's first principal was Ron Ludwig.


    In 1997, Woods Creek opened on Alexandra Blvd to staff and students. Woods Creek’s first principal was Dr. Betsy Les.