• In 1971, Canterbury opened its doors to staff and students. It was the eighth school to become part of School District 47.  The school was built in a “pod” style configuration to facilitate and support team teaching, which still holds true today.  Canterbury School's first principal was Lloyd Mueller.


    In 1972, West underwent renovations with the construction of a west wing/end of the building. This addition housed the Library Media Center and many additional classrooms.


    In 1973, Ridgefield elementary school was annexed to the District. The building was designated as a primary attendance center. Dee Davis served as the coordinator for Ridgefield from 1973 to 1979. Dick McDowell served as the coordinator from 1979 to 1981 when the center was closed.


    In 1974, additions were built to Canterbury and Lundahl. This was a second addition to Lundahl and included a new gymnasium, learning center, locker room area, and science complex. The addition was the first to Canterbury. The opening of these two additions marked the beginning of the second "Five Year Plan", which was a $3,000,000 bond issue.


    In 1977, the 1906 and 1914 portions of Husmann School were removed. Twelve new classrooms were constructed at one end of the 1949 building. Ridgefield school was remodeling on the inside.


    In 1978, a new gym was completed on the site of the 1906 and 1914 buildings at Central School.


    In 1979, a music room was added at Coventry, gyms were added at North Junior High, South, West, and North, and various improvements for Art was made at North Junior High, North and West.