• In 1960-61, second additions were built to North and South Elementary Schools allowing them to have three strings of grades K - 6. The addition for North included a continuation of the east side of the building facing Woodstock. Eight classrooms were constructed as well as a basement to serve the primary grade levels. North now had 20 classrooms used for K-6th grade, one room for special education, a library, multi-purpose room, and an office. The addition for South included six classrooms on the west side of the building creating an L-shape to the building. The grade of the land allowed for a well-lit basement addition at the south end of the new wing addition. South now had 20 classrooms used for K-6th grade, a library, multi-purpose room, and an office.


    In June 1962, the Terra Cotta school district was annexed into District 47 after 115 years of operation in a one room schoolhouse. It was the last one room county school in the area. The District planned to use the building as a space for special education students for the county.


    In September of 1962, groundbreaking ceremonies were held for West School on Briarwood. The school was constructed to contain 14 classrooms, a library, multi-purpose room and office facilities. West first opened it doors for the 1963/64 school year to a double string of students grade K - 6.  West School's first principal was John Hillwick.


    In 1964-65, the first addition was built to South Junior High due to increasing population so that the building could house grades 5 through 8. The addition added 10 classroom on the top to floor and a classroom and 2 music rooms at the basement level. 


    In 1966, South Junior High was renamed Lundahl Junior High School in honor of Leon J. Lundahl, the retiring Superintendent for District 47. Lundahl Junior High was the first school in District 47 to be named for an individual.


    In 1967, Coventry School opened on Darlington to staff and a triple string of students grades K - 6th. Coventry's design was a new and upcoming school design that stressed adapting a building to the educational techniques. It was said that the design for Coventry broke from the typical "egg-crate" structure of schools of the past with built classrooms down either side of the hallway. Coventry was constructed around the library-learning center, which stood as the center of the school.  Coventry School's first principal was Richard Cherry. 


    In 1968, the outdoor education center opens.


    In 1969, North Junior High opened its doors on North Oak Street after the 69/70 school year started due to construction delays. The open house and parent night were not held the first year the building was open due to the on-going construction to complete the building its first year. The building was designed to house up to 720 students in grades 6, 7, & 8 and provide temporary relief from the "population explosion" the community was having at the time. The opening of North Junion High marked the beginning of the first "5 year plan". North Junior High's first principal was Charles Lapp.


    In 1969, the District Administrative Offices moved from the 27 North Main Street location to North Junior High School.