• The 1950's

    In 1950, students started the school year in the new Central School facility and Munshawville rural school district was annexed into District 47.


    In 1952, and exterior stairway was added to the 1906 section of Central School, interior remodeling added several classrooms. The voters approved the building of a new school on Golf Road which previously housed a gold course.


    In 1953, South School opened its doors on Golf Road having space for 7 classrooms for K - 6th grades. Residing on 11 acres of property, South School was adjacent to St. Mary’s Minor School for Boys, which was owned by the Franciscan Order and today is known as Dole Mansion. South School’s first principal was John Husmann. Voters approved the building of another elementary school on Woodstock Street.


    In 1954, North School opened its doors to 200 students enrolled in K - 6th grade on 12 acres of land. North Elementary School’s first principal was Corbin Hamby.


    In 1955, the first addition was built to South School. This addition allowed South to house a double string of grades K - 6th grade.  


    In 1956, the first addition was built to North School. This addition allowed North to house a double string of grades K - 6th grade.  


    In 1958, voters approved the construction of a junior high on Nash Road. In 1959, South Junior High School opened to students with Robert Wolf as the first principal.