• Math  

    The Math Expressions curriculum is used to teach math in District 47.  This curriculum focuses on the Common Core State Standards and the students will study a number of mathematical concepts throughout the school year.  Math Expressions encourages the students to invent, question, model, represent, and explore a variety of concepts while also learning and practicing math strategies.


    We begin our math time by completing daily routines together as a class.  Each student has the opportunity to be a student leader during the routines.  During these routines, we practice counting and skip counting.  The topics concepts taught during math instruction include understanding numbers 1 to 10, teen numbers (focusing on tens and ones), using drawings to solve problems, and solving math stories. 


    We will also use MAGIC math stations in our classroom.  The math stations are related to the Common Core Standards and include: Measurement and Data, Addition and Subtraction, Geometry, In Base Ten, and Counting and Cardinality.  During math stations, the students will be engaged in hands-on activities to practice the math skills and concepts that we have been learning throughout each math unit.