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    What is the grading percentage scale?


    Grading percentage scale:


    100       A+          73-77   C

    93-99    A            70-71   C-

    90-91    A-           68-69   D+

    88-89    B+          63-67   D

    83-87    B            60-61  D-

    80-81    B-           59- below  F

    78-79   C+          



    How are grades calculated?




    Student’s grade will be based on 2 categories. These categories are:


    Summative Assessments – These can be but are not limited to: Common Assessments, End of Unit Papers, End of Unit Tests, End of Unit Projects


    Summative assessments count for 70% of the student’s grade.


    Formative Assignments – are completed during a chapter/unit. These are used to monitor student learning and adjust instruction. These can include but are not limited to: mid-chapter quizzes, daily practice, reviews, classwork, homework assignments, papers.


    Formative assignments count for 30% of the student’s grade.



    How do we schedule a conference?


    Contact any one of your child’s teachers and that teacher will arrange a team conference for you.



    How often are grades updated?


    This will depend on the teacher and frequency of assignments. Overall, students will receive online detailed grade reports, a midterm or a report card, every three weeks as follows:

    Detailed             Update Midterm    Report Card

    3 weeks               6 weeks                    12 weeks

    9 weeks               15 weeks                  18 weeks

    21 weeks             24 weeks                  27 weeks

    30 weeks             33 weeks                  36 weeks


    *It is the student's and parent's responsibilty to check grades online. This may be done as often as you would like.  An email blast from D47 will go out to parents as notification that grades have been posted for the 6 and 12 week reports. 



    How is extra credit assigned?


    The teachers on our team do not assign individual extra credit assignments. From time to time, teachers may offer the entire an extra credit opportunity.



    What is the policy for making up missed work?


    A student has a day for each day he/she was absent to make up missed work. For long term illnesses, an additional amount of days may be added. It is the students’ responsibility to check with each teacher upon return.



    How does a student get make-up work?


    Check teacher’s individual webpages for past assignments and check with your teacher.  Students are responsible for getting make-up work.  If parents request homework through the absence line, it will be delivered to the front office by 3:00pm. We would appreciate it if parents pick up work requested through the absence line and students attempt to complete it before they return. If you need help, PLEASE ASK!  We can give you time before school,after school.



    What is the policy for late assignments?


    Daily homework may not be turned in late.  Longer assignments may be turned in late and will lose 10% of the final grade for each day it is late.

    Daily homework assignments will not be accepted late and students will receive a zero for the assignment. For late projects, the students will receive 10% off their grade.



    What is the policy for IPOD/mp3 players and cell phones?


    School policy states that cell phones and IPOD mp3 players must be turned off during school hours.  Cell phones which ring or used to text message in class will be confiscated and parents will be asked to pick them up from the front office.



    What should my child do if he/she will miss class for a band lesson?


    Students should turn in any work due BEFORE going to their band lesson and are responsible for making up any work missed and completing the homework for that day.



    What should my child do if he/she will miss class for an appointment?


    Students who attend school for any part of the school day MUST turn in any work due THAT DAY, even if they miss that class. They are also responsible for making up any work missed and completing the homework for all missed classes.



    How is sports eligibility determined?


    During sports seasons, teachers report any students with a “D” or “F” in their class each Thursday.  The grade on Thursday, determines eligibility for sports for the next week.



    Are students allowed to go back to their locker?


    Students are given ten passes to use to leave class at their discretion throughout the trimester. Each teacher determines when/how these passes may be used in his/her classroom.



    What is the dress code policy and how is it enforced?


    All students are expected to dress and groom themselves neatly in clothes that are suitable for school activities. Students who wear clothing which detracts from the learning environment, is offensive, advertises any illegal activities for students or which is inappropriately revealing will be asked to change into something appropriate for school.


    When do students serve detentions?


    All detentions are served either Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday of the week that they are issued in the LMC.

    Side Note: HBMS now offers activity buses for students that cannot get rides after school. If you are unable to pick of your children during these times, they may take the activity bus home.