•              What is Homework Club?Homework club




    Homework Club is an opportunity for students to work on school work before they go home for the day from 2:15-4:15 on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.  You should know that this is not a tutoring session or a supervised class setting with a curriculum. Students need to have something productive with them to work on and we expect kids to stay busy during the time they are in HW Club. Keeping on      task should be self-directed by students during this time.  


    Each day the HW Club is staffed by teachers and administrators who are happy to help kids and answer questions. The staff supervising HW Club may or may not have the content area expertise to help students with certain core subject assignments. Students should not expect to have their teacher present or available to reteach the day's lesson. We will do our best to help any student that has a question.     


    Peer mentoring and peer tutoring may take place during HW Club as a pre-arranged activity. High School students occasionally offer their time to come to our HW Club and assist our students. Big Brothers and Big Sisters have coordinated meeting students through HW Club in the past. Students staying for after-school sporting events are using HW Club as an area to keep busy after school until the games begin, unless they are under the supervision of another staff member. 

    On game nights, we will utilize a classroom in addition to the LMC to manage the number students in attendance.


    Expectations for Homework Club for all students are:

    •  Work quietly with friends on homework in the media center.
    •  Get some additional help on homework that may be challenging.
    •  Catch up on late or absent work.
    •  Get homework completed while waiting for the Activity Bus to take them home after participating in  an after school club, activity, or sport. 
    •  Read quietly.
    •  Organize binders/folders 
    •  The use of phones has been a challenge.  Students are distracted with frequent texting and  calls.  During Homework Club, phones should be turned off.  If students need to text or call home to  arrange for a ride, they need to come to the supervisor to request permission first.  
    •  Snacks and drinks are permitted.  If this privilege is abused, the supervisor will ask student dispose  of food and student will no longer be permitted to have snacks or drinks in the media center.