Social Studies Assignments


    Assignements/ Inquiry Projects 


    February- We have been working on WWII and are currently in the middle of a research project.

    Please see Google classroom for all instructions, rubrics, checklists, and topic lists. Students should now have all 8 topics researched and will begin formatting into 8 th grade quality parapagraphs to share information found.  


    Check Ms. Kwayzer's board for missing CNN10's. We are all on different dates so it is the student's responsibility to check if absent. 



    January 21- 24

    WWII vocabulary miniassessment on Friday, January 24th.  (Study guide in Google Classroom or use notes taken in class for preparation)


    Core 1, 2, and 3 CNN 10 - January 21st


    Welcome Back!! January 6- 10

    The Great Depression Crossword- Due Wednesday, January 8

    The Great Depression Webquest (Google Classroom, Monday, January 13th)


    Reminder:Holocaust Museam Field Trip- Redbird team Tuesday, January 14th.