• Kindergarten

    Module 1:    Structure and Function: Exploring Design

    Students learn that function dictates the structure of an object.  They build a beanstalk that Jack can climb and one that can hold the "golden egg".  Students are randomly given 'bricks', 'wood' or 'straw' to build a house that is strong enough to withstand the force of the Big Bad Wolf's huff and puff.  They are also exposed to the design process that engineers go through by designing their own paintbrush.

           Copy of IMG_0065 IMG_0033  IMG_0017

                                                        Beanstalks that can hold the 'Golden Egg'.


            IMG_0167  IMG_0163  IMG_0170

                                                                   Houses for the Three Little Pigs.


              IMG_0420  IMG_0406  IMG_0455

                                                     Paintings with custom designed Paintbrushes.


    Module 2:   Structure and Function:  Pushes and Pulls

    Students observe the way pushes and pulls affect the motion of an object through a variety of hands on activities.  They are exposed to advanced science concepts such as gravity, friction, inertia and Newton's Laws of motion in an age appropriate and fun way.  Students use the engineering design process to build a model that can move a heavy object up a ramp.

                IMG_0839   IMG_0785  IMG_0618

    Exploring the forces of motion while investigating gravity, friction and collisions.