• 1st Grade

    Module 1:  Light and Sound

    The first graders have been busy learning about light and sound.  They participated in center activities to explore how sound travels in waves. The students  investigated light using color paddles, mirrors, flashlights, and spectrographs.   They learned about shadows, reflection and refraction.  Students were exposed to the engineering design process by designing, building and testing a "Help Signal" for a fictional group of lost hikers.

            IMG_0629  IMG_0630   IMG_0119

                                                                        Experiments with Light!

             IMG_0316   IMG_0314   IMG_0322

                   Students working on designing a Help Signal for a fictional group of lost hikers.


    Module 2:  Light:  Observing Earth, Sun, Moon and Stars

    Students will learn how the sun and stars generate their own light and how the moon reflects that light. Students will document patterns they notice for the Sun and Moon. A Health Connection will provide them with information about the dangers of unprotected sun exposure.  For the culminating project the students will design a structure that provides shade for a playground.  They will evaluate their structure using UV beads and  a UV flashlight.

        IMG_0725  .   IMG_1026

    Exploring the phases of the moon and the UV rays of the sun.