• 2nd Grade


    Module 1:  Inventions

    Students learn about inventions, inventors and how inventors get their ideas.  They will thoroughly explore the engineering design process by creating an invention of their own!

        IMG_2394                 IMG_2459                   IMG_2321                                

    The Bake-a-Rator Oven                The Grabber Arm               A Robot to Assist the Disabled

    (Won't burn skin!)


    Module 2:  Matter and Materials

    The students learn about the three states of matter and reversible and irreversible changes of matter.   They learn to describe and classify matter in terms of color, texture, strength, flexibility and absorbency.   The culminating problem is to design a dog house that is both strong and water repellent.

                          IMG_0702      IMG_0707

                                    Testing the absorbency of different types of matter.




    .     Keeping the dog safe!    .

    Successful Dog houses that protected "Harry" from wind and rain!


    Module 3:  Insulators and Conductors

    Students investigate temperature, melting points and the importance of collecting accurate data while testing the heat conductivity of several different materials.  They are exposed to the terms 'conductors' and 'insulators'. This exploration ultimately helps them to design a cooler that can keep an ice pop frozen for one hour.

          IMG_0346   IMG_0344   IMG_0683

                     Homemade "Coolers" that successfully kept an ice pop frozen for an hour.


          IMG_0474   IMG_0338   IMG_0477

    Measuring the amount of liquid in the ice pop after one hour in the homemade "Coolers".


    Module 4:  Plants

    Students learn the basic structure and function of plants.  Parts of plant, as well as the growth cycle of plants is also explored.  Students design and make their own hand "pollinator" to help pollinate a "garden" of artificial flowers in the classroom. They also learn about seed dispersal and seed germination culminating in a final project of designing and building a seed distribution device.

        IMG_0755  IMG_0920  IMG_1097

                   Using a hand made pollinator and designing and testing a seed dispersal system.