• 3rd Grade

    Module 1:  Stability and Motion:  The Science of Flight

    Students have been busy learning about the forces that act on objects that fly.  They participated in centers that helped them explore the forces of lift, weight, thrust and drag.  They built a 'teeter totter' to investigate balanced and unbalanced forces.  They have built a glider choosing from a variety of wing and horizontal stabilizer styles.  They put their gliders through several test fights to determine which design could deliver the most 'cargo' to a fictional remote village.

           IMG_0238 IMG_0220   IMG_0232

    Students building and testing gliders that can carry binder clips (cargo) to a remote village.

        IMG_0587  IMG_0595  IMG_0571

                 Forces of Flight Experiments.    (Lift, Weight, Drag and Thrust)


    Module 2:  Stability and Motion:  Forces and Interactions

    Students will continue to investigate different forces such as gravity and friction. They will build and test different types of simple machines.  They will also be exposed to magnets and how they work.  Their final project will be to use the engineering design process to design and build a compound machine that can rescue a fictional tiger that has fallen into the moat at a zoo.

        IMG_0576  .   IMG_0376

                                  Using compound machines to rescue a trapped tiger.