4th Grade

    Module 1:  Energy Collisions

    Students have been learning about potential and kinetic energy through a variety of activities.  They have built a pendulum and a car that they have tested while collecting data.  They have leaned about elastic and inelastic collisions by building a half pipe ramp where they collided their cars. The students then built a vehicle restraint system to keep an egg safe while rolling down a ramp into a wall!


    IMG_0224   IMG_0191   IMG_0244

     IMG_0193        IMG_0190     IMG_0655

    Using cars, pendulums, ramps and half-pipes to explore kinetic and potential energy.


                       Module 2:  Energy Conversion

    Students will now take their knowledge about energy to a new level as they continue to learn about the different forms of energy and how these forms are converted from one to another.  Their building projects become more complex as they will build a bike and a pulley system.  For the culminating "real world" problem, students will be required to design and build a compound machine that can convert energy from one form to another while moving a load of heavy boxes.


       IMG_0972    IMG_0499IMG_0974

    Using a compound machine to convert energy and lift and deliver heavy boxes.