• 5th Grade

    Module 1:  Robotics and Automation

    Students have been busy researching robots of different types and presenting information to their classmates.  They have learned what elements a robot must have to distinguish it from a machine. They have been exploring inputs and outputs of a robot by building a 'test bed' and testing the motors and sensors they will use on their robot.  They have also investigated the VEX robot construction kits by designing and building a toy with one or more moving parts.  Their robots will be built in groups and run through a series of design challenges.   The final design challenge is based on the "real world" problem of the nuclear disaster at the Fukushima Power Plant where they used robots to assess and clean up the damage.

           IMG_0208   IMG_0186 (1)    IMG_0642

                                                      Toys made from the VEX Robotics Kits.

           IMG_0237    IMG_0213   IMG_0208

    Testing input and output components before starting to build robots.

              IMG_0896     IMG_0899     IMG_0872


    Making Modification to our robot to better complete the challenge.


    Module 2:  Robotics and Automation Challenge

    Students will learn about computer programming by being exposed to a variety of websites and tablet apps that provide the fundamental principles of programming.  They will then learn the "modkit" programming environment that the VEX robots use.  They will guide the movement of their robot by programming that movement and then downloading that program into their robot brain.  They will not be allowed to use the controller to move their robot during this module.  There is a series of design challenges of increasing difficulty for groups to put their robot through.  All students (regardless of programming experience) will be challenged and engaged during this module.

       IMG_0271 IMG_0343 IMG_0590

                                                      Robots removing "hazardous waste".

      IMG_0828 IMG_1041 IMG_1043

    Programming our Robots!