Mrs. Blake's Daily Agenda

  • 2/21/2020

    Posted by Erin Blake on 2/21/2020

    Voices in the Park

    Let's take a look at how four different perspectives are portrayed in a book.....Same story, different points of view! 

    Have an amazing weekend! 

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  • 2/20/2020

    Posted by Erin Blake on 2/20/2020

    1) Identify Narrative point of view

    2) Ripped Pants

      --Whose perspective?  Read and rewrite the paragraph in a different perspective to see how the story can change! 

    3)  Read aloud 

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  • 2/19/2020

    Posted by Erin Blake on 2/19/2020

    1) Point of View BrainPop Video

    2) Author's point of view slideshow

    3) Point of View Analysis and Practice 

    4) You try- practice paragraphs

    HW: Identifying point of view paragraphs (if didn't complete in class) 


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  • 2/18/2020

    Posted by Erin Blake on 2/18/2020

    Read Aloud

    Catch up time 

    --Shark Paragraph

    --Dog article and writing 

    --Word work 

    Read 180 Software

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  • 2/14/2020

    Posted by Erin Blake on 2/14/2020

    Early Release

    *Brain Pop Video on Antonyms, Synonyms, and Homonyms

    *Take the graded quiz

    * Word Study: Homonyms page 81/82


    Have a great long weekend! 


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  • 2/13/2020

    Posted by Erin Blake on 2/13/2020

    * Read article "Ewww, What's That Smell?" 

    * What important jobs do the Conservation Canine's do? 

         --Pull details from the text 

         --Fill out organizer

         --Transfer paragraph to Google Doc


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  • 2/12/2020

    Posted by Erin Blake on 2/12/2020

    The Great White Monster comprehension check 

    Shark Video

    Writing Sample....through the eyes of a shark

        --Write a well-written paragraph on your life as a shark

        --Use text evidence from your article and the video for your facts

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  • 2/11/20

    Posted by Erin Blake on 2/11/2020

    Nonfiction Feature Article:  Saving the Great White Monster

    -Video....Build Background

    -Vocabulary Slideshow:  Definition and Example sentences 

    -Read the article:  individually, with a partner, or in a small group with me.  Remember to stop and discuss at the Pause & Thinks questions

    -Come back together to discuss the Pause & Think questions

    -Text Evidence activity:  Use complete sentences! 

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  • 2/10/20

    Posted by Erin Blake on 2/10/2020

    1) Read Aloud

    2) Read 180 Software....let's get back into it! 

    No Homework

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  • 2/7/2020

    Posted by Erin Blake on 2/7/2020

    1) Present picture book stories

    -Be looking for title, setting, characters, problem, solution, resolution, and note one thing you liked about classmate's story

    -Fill out form for two of the presentations 

    2) Read Aloud 


    Have a great weekend! 

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