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    Welcome! This website contains important information to help make this school year successful. Homework assignments, test and quiz dates, and resources for Social Studies can be found here. Have fun exploring!


Student News

  • PR Musical Permission slip due 2/20/2020

    Posted by Chandra Kwayzer on 2/19/2020
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  • December Spirit Week

    Posted by Chandra Kwayzer on 12/12/2019

    Spirit Week

    December 16-20


     Monday, December 16  Winter Hibernation Day

    Wear your winter pajama pants/onesie to stay cozy and warm during our spirit fun!       


    Tuesday, December 17  - Baby It’s Cold Outside

    Wear those amazing winter scarves, gloves, hats and boots to stay warm inside!


    Wednesday, December 18 - Winter White  Out Wednesday 

    Wear ALL white or as much as you possibly can!


    Thursday, December 19 - Holiday Throwback Thursday  

                      Boomer Edition

    This is the LAST (school) Thursday of the Decade! Dress in your favorite decade or really throwback and go boomer style!                 


    Friday, December 20  - Baby Yoda’s First Christmas

    Help celebrate Baby Yoda �s first Christmas and wear holiday attire (Ugly holiday sweaters, reindeer antlers, Santa Hats, Star Wars attire with a splash of holiday cheer or any other festive attire.)

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  • September Spirit Week

    Posted by Chandra Kwayzer on 9/18/2019 8:00:00 AM

    Spirit Week

    9/23 -9/27 

    Monday 9/23  Onzie/Pajama Pant Day-

    Wear your favorite Onzie or PJ pants to start the week off right!


     Tuesday 9/24 Hat Day -

    Wear any hat you desire!


    Wednesday 9/25  Wacky Wednesday-

    Wear anything that is mismatched and be WACKY!


    Thursday 9/26 Meme Day-

    Bring the internet to life and dress like your favorite meme

    (Make sure your meme is appropriate for a school setting)


    Friday 9/27  Orange and Blue Day -

    Show some HBMS spirit and wear our school colors!

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  • Parent Night Presentation

    Posted by Chandra Kwayzer on 9/5/2019 3:00:00 PM
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  • Last Spirit Week of 2018-2019 School year!!

    Posted by Chandra Kwayzer on 5/1/2019

            May 6 - May 10

    Monday, May 6th - Comfy Day

    Start the week off right with your comfiest clothes to ease you into the week ahead.


    Tuesday, May 7th - Inside Out Day

    Like the movie, wear an outfit to match your mood.


    Wednesday, May 8th  

    Club/Activity Day

    Wear any club or activity t-shirts to represent all the interests at HBMS


    Thursday, May 9 Disney Day

    Wear Disney anything! It is the most magical place on earth right?


    Friday, May 10 Fan Friday

    Wear attire to show what you're a fan of. Is it a musical, a sport, a tv show….?  Show us!

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  • HBMS New Open House!

    Posted by Chandra Kwayzer on 4/17/2019
    Mark your calendars!
    Hannah Palooza is coming May 2!! We are excited to offer a new format for our Spring Open House this year at HBMS based on feedback we have received from our stakeholders.  We have made some changes to better showcase the academic and extra-curricular activities at our school. This change will also better accommodate the number of HBMS families and many busy spring schedules.
    We will open our doors for a true "open house" longer period of time (4 hours) for a drop in experience. We will use this time to showcase all of the academics and activities that make Hannah Beardsley a special place to learn. We will also have food trucks! All teachers will take shifts to be available to host this open house. Note: Not all staff will be in attendance for the entire Open House.
    A pamphlet will be sent home and posted on our website, so you can see the activities and periods of staff attendance.  We will also publicize this event using social media and school announcements. 
    We are excited to offer some unique experiences in this new format and open our doors to invite our community in! Mark your calendars and plan to attend May 2nd!
    Stay tuned for more details coming your way!  
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  • WWII Study Buddy

    Posted by Chandra Kwayzer on 1/11/2019
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  • December Spirit Week

    Posted by Chandra Kwayzer on 12/13/2018 5:20:00 AM

     Spirit Week

                     December 17-21


     Monday, December 17  Flannel Shirt Day

        Pull out those winter flannels to stay toasty all day


    Tuesday, December 18  Jersey Day

    Wear a jersey to show off your favorite teams


    Wednesday, December 19

    Winter Wonderland Wednesday

    Wear your favorite winter hats, scarves, and gloves. BRRRRR.  


    Thursday, December 20 - Pajama Pants Day

    Wear your winter pajama pants/onesie to stay cozy and warm during our spirit fun!                                         

    Friday, December 21 -Festive Holiday Attire Day Pull out those ugly holiday sweaters (or make your own), reindeer antlers, Santa Hats, or any other festive attire to show off your holiday spirit! Anything goes!

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  • Illinois 5Essentials Survey

    Posted by Chandra Kwayzer on 11/12/2018

    Please take the 5Illinois 5Essentials.

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  • Spirit Week 9/24-9/28

    Posted by Chandra Kwayzer on 9/21/2018



    9/24 Mad Hatter Monday

    wear your maddest raddest hat


    9/25 Tie dye Tuesday


    9/26 Pajama Pant        

         Wednesday (pj pants only please)


    9/27 Disney Day Thursday

    Wear your favorite Disney shirts, hats, ears, or fun accessories..


    9/28 High School Colors Friday

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