• 6th Grade GOLD Team Math - Parker


    Welcome Students & Parents!


    In 6th Grade Regular math, we are learning all about numbers. 

    For March & on, our units are as follows:

    Unit 4: Integers & graphing

    Unit 5: Expressions (order of operations, exponents, variables)

    Unit 6: Equations & Inequalities (solving simple equations)

    Unit 7: Geometry (2-d shapes & 3-d shapes, surface area, area, volume)

    Unit 8: Statistics & Probability (mean, median, mode, data displays)


    In Pre-Algebra, we are working on:

    Shark Tank Project until Spring Break

    Ch. 8 (Linear Functions)

    Ch. 9 (Real Numbers and Right Triangles)

    Ch. 10.1-10.6 (Measurement, Area, and Volume)


    Please let me know if you need anything or have any questions via email: adparker@d47.org


    Students can get more information from my Google Classroom page for their respective classes @ classroom.google.com. 




    Mr. Parker