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  • Remote Learning

    • Crystal Lake Elementary District 47's remote learning plan seeks to empower all students through meaningful instruction to advance learning at all grade levels and in all academic areas when face-to-face classroom instruction is not possible. Like learning in classrooms at school, remote learning requires the participation and support from students, teachers and parents.


      District 47 is committed to making learning engaging and meaningful during these unique circumstances. Despite the regular use of technology in our classrooms, activities and instruction provided through remote learning will be different than what students have previously experienced. One of the benefits to remote learning is that students can practice or study at their own pace given their confidence, passion, skill set, and proficiencies.


      There are a variety of online educational resources for students to access in addition to the specific daily activities teachers provide. If you are interested in exploring these resources with your child(ren), see the link at right called "Links and Resources." 


      Expectations and Communication

      All parents and middle school students will receive a daily email from the teacher. The daily email will provide instructions for educational activities, student engagement opportunities, and assignments. Assignments will also be shared directly with students at the middle school level in Google Classroom. At the elementary level, teachers will be sharing assignments and lessons directly with students on the current interactive platforms used within the classroom that students and parents can both access (i.e. Google Classroom, Seesaw, Symbaloo, etc.). If no student-accessible platforms are used in the classroom, assignments and lessons will be posted to the teacher's website. Daily notifications will occur by:


      • 8:30 a.m. (PreK-grade 5) 
      • 7:45 a.m. (grades 6-8)


      Note: Teachers may also communicate with students and deliver lessons via interactive platforms, such as Seesaw, Google Meet, and Zoom. 


      Student Accountability and Attendance 

      The amount of time students will participate in remote learning will vary based on grade level. At minimum, students will be expected to engage in remote learning for the time allotments shown below:


      • For Early Childhood and Kindergarten, students will be engaged for 45 minutes.
      • For Grades 1-2, students will be engaged for 60 minutes.
      • For Grades 3-4, students will be engaged for 90 minutes.
      • For Grades 5-8, students will be engaged for approximately 120 minutes (55 min for ELA/Social Studies, 50 min for Math/Science, and 15 min for PE/Encores).


      Students will be given instructions on how to turn in completed assignments. Teachers will use completed work to monitor the engagement, social-emotional needs, and the well-being of students. In addition, students should adhere to the following Chromebook Expectations during Remote Learning.  


      Teacher Contact Hours  

      Teachers will be available to students for questions, support, and instruction each day during the following time periods:


      • 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. (PreK-grade 5) 
      • 7:45 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. (grades 6-8) 


      Note: Emails or voicemail messages received after 12:45 p.m. (grades 6 to 8) and 1:30 p.m. (PreK-grade 5) will be answered the following day.


      For more information, including Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), see the links at right.  


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  • Educational Resources & Activities - March 2020

    • The resources below are designed to provide online and offline educational activities for students in grades PreK-8 during the week of March 3/17-3/20. Each document contains verbiage in both English and Spanish and includes instructions for each activity. 


      Students in grades K-6: Resources for students in grades K-6 are called Bingo Boards. Bingo Boards allow students to link five boxes together vertically, horizontally, or diagonally to create a one-day learning plan. The next day students can choose another set of five boxes for a different learning plan. 


      Students in grades 7-8: Resources for students in grades 7-8 are called Choice Boards. Choice Boards allow students to work through the rows one day at a time in any order they choose.


      Wehde students: Links/resources for Wehde students were sent in an email to parents on 3/13. Links can also be accessed below:





      Actividades académicas para estudiantes - marzo de 2020


      Los recursos y actividades a continuación están diseñados para proporcionar actividades educativos a los estudiantes en los grados PreK-8 durante la semana de 17/3-20/3. Cada documento contiene actividades en inglés y español. Las instrucciones para cada actividad se pueden encontrar dentro de cada documento de nivel de grado, a continuación.


      Estudiantes en los grados K-6: Los recursos para los estudiantes en los grados K-6 se llaman Tableros de Bingo.  Los tableros de bingo permiten a los estudiantes unir cinco cajas verticalmente, horizontalmente o en diagonal para crear un plan de aprendizaje cada día. Al día siguiente, los estudiantes pueden elegir otro conjunto de cinco cuadros para un plan de aprendizaje diferente.


      Estudiantes en los grados 7-8: Los recursos para los estudiantes en los grados 7-8 se llaman tableros de elección. Los tableros de elección permiten a los estudiantes trabajar en las filas un día a la vez en el orden que elijan.


      Los estudiantes de Wehde: Los enlaces/recursos para los estudiantes de Wehde se enviaron por correo electrónico a los padres el 13/3. También se puede acceder a los enlaces a continuación. 








    Grades 5-6


    Grades 1-2


    Grade 7


    Grades 3-4


    Grade 8



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