Deep Dive with Dr. Hinz, a D47 Podcast

  • Deep Dive with Dr. Hinz is a conversation-based podcast; a platform for open dialogue, meaningful conversations, and a deeper understanding of the incredible community we have here in District 47. We are excited to connect with all stakeholders - students, parents, educators, staff, and community members. New episodes will drop every other Thursday throughout the year. Listen on Spotify, Apple, or wherever you get your podcasts, links will be posted to our website and social media.


    We'll be covering a wide range of topics, from innovative teaching approaches to the latest advancements in technology, from student achievements to community engagement initiatives. We'll also delve into critical matters like school safety, mental health support, and future plans for our district.

    We believe that communication is the foundation of a strong school district, and this podcast is one of the many ways we can bridge the gap between us. Stay tuned for some fantastic conversations ahead!


    Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and iHeart Radio.