• Please note: Questions and concerns will be handled in a more timely manner when starting with the appropriate personnel. We encourage as a first step for all District parents/guardians to contact a teacher where a student-related problem is involved or the principal where a school regulation of practice is of concern to you. When a situation cannot be resolved at the lowest possible level, it should be taken to the next level in the "chain of command".


    Guidelines for Public Participation at Board Meetings

    During each Board meeting, members of the public may comment on or ask questions of the board, subject to reasonable constraints. The Board listens to comments or questions during public participation; however, it is not a time for two-way conversation or dialogue. As a result, speakers may be thanked by the board for their comments, but any responses to comments or questions to the Board are most often managed through policy 3:30, Chain of Command, if necessary and/or appropriate.


    Emailing the Board

    You can reach the Board at any time via email at BOE@d47.org. Using this email address will send an identical email to all seven board members and the Board secretary, Clare Bourne. Please know that although they may acknowledge receipt of an email, the individual Board members do not reply to the content of emails. The Board follows policy 3:30, Chain of Command, for any response to comments or questions, if necessary and/or appropriate. Note: If a response is provided, the Board is blind copied to ensure that the district remains in compliance with the Opens Meeting Act (OMA) while keeping the Board aware of all replies.

Email the Board