Elevate Staff Recognition Program

  • Elevate nominations are closed for the 2023-2024 school year


    District 47's Elevate program recognizes District 47 employees who uphold and exemplify the district’s mission, vision and core values (see below) and who are making a difference in the lives of students, schools and the community. 


    Any District 47 staff member is eligible for recognition and anyone (students, staff, parents and community members) can submit a nomination. Nominations are reviewed by the Elevate staff recognition committee, comprised of educators and staff across the district. Nominees and winners are announced three times a year - November (Fall), February (Winter), and April (Spring).



    Our Mission, Vision and Core Values



    Empowering All Students: Learners Today - Leaders Tomorrow



    Learners are empowered when they:

    • Demonstrate academic growth by being independent and strategic learners
    • Apply the life skills of collaboration, communication, citizenship, character, critical thinking, and creativity in real-world situations


    Core Values

    • Collaborative and respectful relationships
    • Equitable and timely resources
    • Engaged and innovative instruction
    • Growth and continuous improvement
    • Recognizing and accepting individual differences
    • Responsible and accountable stakeholders
    • Safe and secure environment
    • Social, emotional and physical well-being