Visitor Management and Building Security

  • District 47 welcomes parents, families, and community members to our schools. Visitors must identify themselves before being allowed to enter the building and present a drivers license or state ID upon entry. The ID is used to run a background check through a visitor management system called Raptor. (Click the link for frequently asked questions about Raptor - English; Raptor - Spanish) Those who wish to volunteer must also fill out an application annually. Click the Volunteer Procedure link at left for information about volunteering in our schools.


    Both visitors and volunteers are required to leave their ID in the main office each time they visit and wear a lanyard at all times while in the building. When leaving the building, visitors/volunteers should return to the main office to drop off their lanyard and pick up their ID. This added layer of security ensures that lanyards are kept in the building and do not get circulated in the community and also ensures everyone in the building is accounted for in the case of an emergency. For more information, see board policies below. 


    Board policy 8:30 - Visitor to and Conduct on School Property

    Board policy 8:20 - Community Use of School Facilities


    Other security measures include:

    • Secured and limited points of entry
    • Security cameras with an intercom system connected to the school's main office
    • Video surveillance in middle schools and on school buses
    • Full-time deans at middle schools
    • Required visible ID for all employees, substitutes, visitors/volunteers and contractors
    • Keyless access to buildings