School Safety

  • District 47 prioritizes the safety and well-being of staff and students. At the beginning of the 2022-23 school year, the district will undergo a facilities and safety audit by a third party consultant. In addition, the District 47 Board of Education approved the hiring of a new director of school safety (see contact info at right) to oversee this process. 


    Having a sense of personal safety is a foundational need for both adults and students in order for effective teaching and learning to take place. The district understands that personal safety includes both school safety and a person's physical and social-emotional well-being. While it is not possible to guarantee that dangerous situations will never occur in and/or around our schools, District 47 takes a multi-tiered approach to school safety and emergency preparedness. We work proactively with students, staff, and local law enforcement agencies to continuously improve the safety and security of our school buildings. Additionally, we ask our parents to partner with us and their child(ren)'s school and report concerns if they arise. 


    While this section serves as a one-stop-shop where families can find answers to broad safety and security questions, it should be noted that the complete scope of District 47's planning and preparedness can't be described publicly in order to maintain the security of our comprehensive safety protocols. 

Contact Us

  • Gary Snep

    Director of School Safety