Elementary Health

  • District 47 routinely reviews all curriculum for relevance, instructional practices, content/skills, timeliness of resources, and when the state issues new standards and/or guidance. Similar to other pieces of legislation, the district has incorporated P.A. 102-0522 into the curriculum review process. District 47 has not adopted Comprehensive Personal Health nor Comprehensive Personal Sexual Health as referenced in P.A. 102-0522. When reviewing curriculum, we use state standards, national standards, literature, and research regarding optimal instructional practices and techniques, as well as outside resources and presenters to help us shape our courses of study. Public Act 102-0522 states that school districts may adapt the curriculum to the specific needs of their community as long as all instruction and materials, including any provided and/or presented by outside individuals or organizations, do not conflict with the law. 


    At the elementary level, Health is taught by the STEM teacher during the STEM Encore time. Our Elementary Health topics include:




    Contact Dr.Carolyn Stadlman, Director of Math, Science & STEM, cstadlman@d47.org for further information about the health curriculum.