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    Richard Bernotas Middle School

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    Elective Policy Contract


    Bernotas Middle School is proud to offer an extensive Elective Physical Education program for our 7th and 8th grade students. Our Elective program is designed to promote lifelong participation in a wide variety of activities that will enhance the overall fitness of all participants.


    In order to participate in the Elective Program, students must abide by the expectations of the P.E. department.




    Student will be to class on time.

    Students will be dressed in a P.E. uniform and appropriate gym shoes.

    Students will participate in all activities and perform at an optimal level.

    Students will show good sportsmanship & listen and follow all adult directions.

    Students will follow all safety rules and use equipment appropriately.



    If a student does not abide by these expectations, the following consequences will incur:


    1st Violation: Written referral from PE teacher

    2nd Violation: Moved to alternative PE class for the remainder of the Term

    3rd Violation: Loss of choice for the following Term


    I, ______________________________, agree to these terms.


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