• Week of Oct. 21

    Posted by Laura Servedio on 10/21/2019

    Week of Oct. 21

    10/21 In class: Letter format lesson/work on rough draft letter -Please follow ALL DIRECTIONS for the assignment -use the rubric as a checklist (in Google Classroom)

             Homework: Finish rough draft/Letter DUE Wed., 10/23

    10/22 In class: Work on final copy of letter -Please follow ALL DIRECTIONS for the assignment-use rubric as a checklist (in Google Classroom)

             Homework: Summative Immigration Letter DUE tomorrow at 7:40 AM

    10/23 In class: Letters DUE/Spanish-American War Assignment p. 53 & 61/Vocab (in Google Classroom)

             Homework: Finish p. 53 & 61/Spanish-American Vocab

    10/24 In class: WWI Vocabulary--You will need colored pencils for class tomorrow!

             Homework: WWI Vocabulary Quiz next Thurs., 10/31

    10/25 In class: Review vocab/WWI Map (You need colored pencils today)

             Homework: Finish WWI Map

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  • Week of Oct. 14

    Posted by Laura Servedio on 10/14/2019

    Week of Oct. 14

    10/14 No School

    10/15 In class: "The Elian Gonzalez Story" & present-day immigration article with questions (in Google Classroom)

             Homework: Finish questions. Submit by 7:40 tomorrow morning to Google Classroom (Period 1, 4, 6 or 7-not Servedio/McAvoy page)

    10/16 In class: Introduce & assign summative immigration letter (TIMELINE in Google Classroom) DUE next Wed., 10/23/Watched video: "Island of                                 Hope,  Island of Tears" & took notes in SS notebook (Divide notes into sections-See Google Classroom)/Read immigrant stories in Google                           Classroom

              Homework: Finish notes from the video/watch video & take notes if you missed class/Summative Immigration Letter due 10/23

    10/17 In class: Research/character chosen-See timeline in Google Classroom

              Homework:  Research-See timeline in Google Classroom (Letter DUE 10/23)

    10/18  In class: Research-See timeline in Google Classroom 

              Homework: Research-See timeline in Google CLassroom (Letter DUE 10/23)

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  • Week of Oct. 7

    Posted by Laura Servedio on 10/7/2019

    Week of Oct. 7

    10/7 In class: The Century: "Seeds of Change" video/viewing guide

            Homework: Study for Chapter 20 Immigration Summative/finish viewing guide (if not finished in class)

    10/8 In class: Artist Interpretation (critical thinking activity)/Review assignments 20-1 & 20-2 

            Homework: Finish review assignments 20-1 & 20-2/Study for Chapter 20 Immigration Summative tomorrow

    10/9 In class: Chapter 20 Immigration Summative

            Homework: None

    10/10 In class: Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire/Padlet Activity (QFocus: How did the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire impact/change America?)

              Homework: None

    10/11  In class: Current Events Activity

              Homework: None

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  • Week of Sept. 30

    Posted by Laura Servedio on 9/30/2019

    Week of Sept. 30

    9/30  In class: Vocab (definitions/activities) from Fri. DUE/Chapter 20, Section 1 Guided Notes/Make flashcards or Quizlet

             Homework: Finish notes (if needed)/Make flashcards or Quizlet for vocab words/Study for Chapter 20 Immigration Vocab Quiz Fri.

    10/1  In class: Chapter 20, Section 1 Teacher Notes

             Homework: Finish notes (if needed)/Study for vocab quiz Fri.

    10/2  In class: Chapter 20, Section 2 Guided Notes

             Homework: Finish notes (if needed)/Study for vocab quiz

    10/3  In class: Chapter 20, Section 2 Teacher Notes

             Homework: Finish notes (if needed)/study for vocab quiz/Chapter 20 Immigration Summative next Wednesday 

    10/4   In class: Vocab quiz/Study guide (topics to study)/Study for Chapter 25 Immigration Summative (25 points) (Use your study guide!)

              Homework: Study for Chapter 20 Immigration Summative Wednesday



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  • Week of Sept. 23

    Posted by Laura Servedio on 9/23/2019

    Week of Sept. 23


    9/23 In class: Intro to immigration/Immigration Anticipation Guide

            Homework: Heritage Questions (in Google Classroom)

    9/24 In class: Heritage Squares 

           Homework: Finish heritage square (We started rough drafts in our notebooks in class; the final -on tag board- DUE tomorrow! 

            ****Remember to follow ALL directions****USE the RUBRIC on the back of directions****

    9/25  In class: Gallery Walk/Exit Slip

             Homework: Finish gallery walk

    9/26  In class: Virtual Field Trip: Ellis Island/8 Square Notes

             Homework: Finish notes for Ellis Island video

    9/27   In class: Immigration vocab & vocab activities

              Homework: Study for vocab quiz next Fri./Finish vocab activities

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  • Week of Sept. 16

    Posted by Laura Servedio on 9/16/2019

    Week of Sept. 16

    9/16   In class: Decades Mini-Project: Four Disciplines Questions DUE/Research organizer/research mini-lesson/research (work time)

              Homework: Research (answers to supporting questions)/Puzzle (summative) due Thursday/Present to class

    9/17   In class: Decades Mini-Project: Research (work time)

              Homework: Finish research

    9/18   In class: Decades Mini-Project: Synthesize research to answer the essential question using puzzle pieces/Puzzle must be completed today!

              Homework: Be ready to present puzzles tomorrow!

    9/19   In class: Decades Mini-Project Presentations

              Homework: Be ready to present (if you have not presented yet)

    9/20   In class: Decades Mini-Project Presentations

              Homework: None-Enjoy your weekend!




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  • Week of Sept. 9

    Posted by Laura Servedio on 9/9/2019

    Week of 9/9

    9/9 In class: Notetaking Using Primary Sources 

          Homework: Finish notetaking if needed

    9/10 In class: Notetaking Using Secondary Sources

           Homework: Finish notetaking/Complete 9/11 Interview Questions (These should be answered in complete sentences and submitted to Google Classroom (Mrs. Servedio Social Studies/your hour).

    9/11 In class: September 11 Lesson/Activity

            Homework: No Homework if interview completed/If interview was not done, students were to pick up their homework assignment in class. Students can earn some credit doing this alternate assignment.

    9/12 In class: Credible/Noncredible Sources Lesson/Activity

           Homework: Finish credible/noncredible sources activity

    9/13 In class: Essential/Supporting Questions using 4 Disciplines Quadrant (for Decades Project)

           Homework: Finish supporting questions (if not completed in class)

    Remember: Assignments are posted in Google Classroom! :) 

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  • Week of Sept. 3

    Posted by Laura Servedio on 9/3/2019

    Week of Sept. 3


    9/3 In class: Intro to QFT Lesson/open & closed questions

          Homework: 9/11 article-Use QFocus to create 8-10 questions /4 Disciplines Quiz tomorrow

    QFocus: 9/11 had a significant impact on American lives.


    9/4 In class: 4 Disciplines Quiz/Finish QFT Lesson (open/closed & essential & supporting Questions) using student created questions from 9/11 article

          Homework: None

    9/5 In class: Groups for decades mini-inquiry project/notetaking (using primary sources) lesson

         Homework: Finish notetaking

    9/6 In class: Notetaking lesson (secondary sources)

         Homework: None


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  • Week of Aug. 26

    Posted by Laura Servedio on 8/26/2019

    Week of Aug. 26                      *****ALL Copies/Resources are under Servedio/McAvoy SS Page in Google Classroom*****



    8/26 In class: Finish scavenger hunt/U.S. and World Maps (need colored pencils)

            Homework: Finish scavenger hunt/maps (if not done)


    8/27  In class: What is Social Studies? Hexagonal Thinking Activity

             Homework: None


    8/28  In class: Continued Hexagonal Thinking Activity/Set up SS Notebooks/4 Disciplines Word Sort

             Homework: Finish setting up your notebook (if not done)


    8/29   In class: (Finish) Word Sort/Review 4 Disciplines & differences between observations and inferences/Gallery Walk

              Homework: None


    8/30   In class: Start QFT Activity (slides/open and closed questions)

              Homework: None

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  • Week of 8/21

    Posted by Laura Servedio on 8/21/2019

    8/21  Welcome back! 

    8/22 In class: Class Expectations/Google Classroom/Teacher Website

            Homework: None

    8/23  In class: Class syllabus/online textbook/textbook scavenger hunt

             Homework: Get syllabus signed. Have a great weekend!

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