• Vocabulary & Map Day!

    Posted by Rachelle Dool on 10/18/2019

    Hi, Wildcats!



    Use your resources to answer the following:

    • Merke Map Quiz (Classroom)
    • Dool's ANYTHING GOES, Mesopotamia Style (Classroom)

    Homework: Check out your planner


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  • Mesopotamia

    Posted by Rachelle Dool on 10/15/2019

    Hi, Wildcats!


    Check out Google Classroom for the following works:

    • Mesopotamia "Fertile Crescent" Article 
    • Reading Checks (Social Studies Textbook needed)

    Let's Discuss how geography influences civilizations.

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  • Nonfiction Signposts

    Posted by Rachelle Dool on 9/22/2019

    Yes, Even Nonfiction has SIGNPOSTS

    nonfiction signposts  

    What is YOUR Legacy?

    • Share yours
    • Pin legacy on your bandana

    Nonfiction Signposts

    Iceman Vocabulary - Welcome to Vocabulary.com

    Please join the following classes....

    Period 1: http://vocab.com/join/47HEJV1

    Period 3: http://vocab.com/join/1DK0RH3

    Period 7: http://vocab.com/join/PSTHDX

    Period 8: http://vocab.com/join/4715S6D




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  • Again and Again - Signpost

    Posted by Rachelle Dool on 9/19/2019
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  • Found Poetry

    Posted by Rachelle Dool on 9/17/2019

    Morning, Wildcats! What will your message be?



    Found Poetry (Google Classroom)

    • What message do you want to convey about 9/11?
    • Find your lyrics
    • Rearrange to create your message! (Due Friday)


    • Prioritize
    • Work!

    Planner: Image Analysis (due today - Dool); 3 questions/resource grid (due tomorrow - Merke)


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  • Come on, Rise Up!

    Posted by Rachelle Dool on 9/16/2019

    Rise up, Wildcats! Let our VOICES be heard.


    rise up


    9/11 Song Analysis (Google Classroom)

    • Listen - refamiliarize yourself with the lyrics
    • Let's Analyze


    • Prioritize
    • Work!

    Planner: Read - Daily plan

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  • It's Go Time!

    Posted by Rachelle Dool on 9/12/2019

    Let's Do This, Wildcats!

    go time



    • Daily Expectations - are YOU meeting them?
    • Work
      • Map of Me (due tomorrow)
      • Image Analysis & Infographics (Classroom)
      • 3 Question Organizer (Merke Classroom)
        • 9/11 article
        • feature article and video
        • interview
        • Fireboat

    Song Analysis

    • Songs and lyrics in Classroom
    • Organizer in Group folder

    PLANNER: Map of Me! Work on independent classwork as well...

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  • Never, Never Forget

    Posted by Rachelle Dool on 9/11/2019

    Thanks for remembering with me, Wildcats.



    Reader's Theater - thank you, Readers!

    What are WE Wondering?

    • Discuss wonderings with group
    • Pose a question with a post-it


    Three Question Organizer

    • Interview (HOME)
    • 9/11 Article (DOOL)
    • Hope feature article and video (MERKE)
    • "The Fireboat" (DOOL)

    Planner: Map of Me & Interview - have Image Analysis in mind...

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  • Reading Like a Historian

    Posted by Rachelle Dool on 9/10/2019




    • Fill out graphic organizer over three images
    • Peruse infographics - answer reflection questions on the back of IMAGE organizer
    • ALL information can be found in Google Classroom


    • Images and organizer
    • Map of Me

    PLanner: Map of me & Image Analysis DUE FRIDAY 




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  • Let's Get It Done!

    Posted by Rachelle Dool on 9/6/2019


    Do NOW

    Structure Presentations

    • Finish


    • TURN In
      • SLIDES (Google Classroom)
      • SCRIPT (Team Folder)
      • MAP (Team Folder)


    • DO matching (Google Classroom)

    Independent Work

    • Time Capsule
      • Questionnaire
      • Friendly letter
      • Envelope
      • Picture
      • Artifacts
      • String


    • Map of ME!


    Time Capsule DUE Tuesday

    Map of Me - TBD

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