North Star Husky Band News

    • Our Winter Band Fest on February 11, 7:00 pm. is fast approaching and the excitement is mounting! Our North Stary Husky Band members are hard at work getting ready! They will be joined by the South Band and the Woods Creek Band for one HUGE Band!  They will also get ot hear from the Lundahl Jazz Band that night!  I've given each student a hard copy of the "Winter Band Fest" flyer  Click on the following for more information: Band Fest Information - North

      Concert dress:  All performers will be wearing "white on top/black on bottom." This is a classic concert dress for music ensembles, and many of the students expressed an interest in this, as it makes the band look special and together. A white shirt and black dress pants or black long skirt is the Concert dress. Black shoes and socks or tights would also look best. (Ties are optional). I'm hoping everyone will be able to find/borrow these items for the band "uniform." Thanks for helping the band look their best!



      Welcome to Band!   Get ready for FUN!

      I am SO glad you decided to join band this year! Get ready for a whirlwind of fun! You will learn everything you need to know to play the instrument of your choice and join together with your classmates in playing some awesome band music!

      Learning to play an instrument is an experience that will last your whole lifetime! The friends you make, the discipline you work on, and the skills you develop, ALL contribute to the character and brain growth you gain while learning something that is absolutely FUN! No doubt about it, researchers are finding out what we've suspected all along...MUSIC, specifically learning to play an instrument, makes you smarter! It works both sides of the brain at the same time, increasing and connecting the synapses in your brain! Parents, thank you ahead of time for your support of your child's band adventure! (I will be including some "helpful hints" as we go along, as I know it can be a little daunting at times.)

      Band students will receive ONE Small group lesson (called Technique Class) each week.  The schedule rotates, so students will not miss the same subject each week in the classroom.  Students were each given a hard copy, but you can also find the schedule on this website, telling you what time for your technique class each week. 


      Students will ALSO have TWO FULL BAND REHEARSALS before school on Thursday and Friday morning each week.  Students should arrive by 8:00 am and rehearsal ends at 8:45 am, so students can put away their instruments and chairs and make it to their classroom on time for schoo to start. 


      If you are new to the school, or are just getting signed up for band, parents, please make sure students have their instrument, music stand and book ready for that first lesson. Please email me if you are not sure how to go about that. I will be happy to help you:

      Excited? Me too! I can't wait to start! Hold on to your hats...As I said it will be a whirlwind of fun