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  • Shrek Jr. Auditions

    Posted by Sarah Kedzior on 9/13/2017

    Remember that the Shrek Jr. Audition Process begins this Friday, September 15! Below you will find the date reminders.



    Fri, Sept. 15 (3:30-5:30): Learning the Audition Dance and How to Audition Like a Pro


    Thurs, Sept. 21, (3:30-5:00): Dance Auditon


    Thurs, Sept. 28, (3:30-7:00): Boys' Audition


    Tues, Oct. 3, (3:30-7:00): Girls' Audition {Round 1}


    Thurs, Oct. 5, (3:30-7:00): Girls' Audition {Round 2}


    Wed and Thurs, Oct. 11 & 12 (3:30-7:00): Callbacks!!



    The list will be posted Saturday morning. I hope to see all of the 4th and 5th graders at auditions :)


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  • September Art

    Posted by Sarah Kedzior on 9/6/2017

    Welcome back! I am so excited about this new school year, especially now that we are off to a great start. Please remember that you should always come dressed appropriately for art class - we do get messy sometimes. All students this year are beginning by learning about varying degrees of color theory. Here are some concepts to look forward to:



    Kindergarten: Primary and Secondary Colors, Shape


    First: Contrast, Stylization


    Second/PMAC: Line, Pattern, Craftsmanship, Form


    Third: Warm and Cool Colors, Pattern, Repetition


    Fourth: Value Scale, Tints, Shades, Self-Portraits


    Fifth/UMAC: Color Mixing, Craftsmanship, Contrast, Organic and Geometric Shapes, Composition


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