• 2019-2020 Health class

    I am so excited to teach your student how to be a healthy happy individual!! Health class will consist of notes, activities and one final exam. I use google classroom to get information to students. Ask your student to see thier Google classroom when they are taking health class.


    • A binder is required for health class. Directions and topics for the health binder vary by grade level. Directions will be in the Google Classroom.                                                                            6th binder                 7th binder                 8th binder 
    • Each student is required to do a Current Event in health class. Video directions and a template will be provided in the Google Classroom.
    • Every year the students will be doing a Wellness Goal. Directions and all other related activites will be located in the Google Classroom. Be on the lookout for a form to approve your student's goal the 1st or 2nd week of health class.


    2019-2020 health parent letter


    Nicole Thompson

    Health Educator