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  • September 24th

    Posted by Chelsea Oates on 9/24/2019

    -Visualizing and Verbalizing

    -"New Tomb Raiders" summary

    -Students read and annotated in the article in class.  Students that finished reading and annotating, began outlining important ideas for their summaries.


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  • September 23rd

    Posted by Chelsea Oates on 9/23/2019
    • Quote of the Week response
      • Google Classroom
    • Summary Small Group Assignment
      • Students read and annotated a nonfiction passage, identified the most important ideas, and wrote a summary in small groups
      • Fastbridge testing is tomorrow and Thursday.  Students will need their Chromebook and a set of earbuds for testing. 
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  • Thursday, Sept. 12

    Posted by Chelsea Oates on 9/12/2019

    Visualizing and Verbalizing

    • "Marathon Kids" paragraph
    • Main Idea/Supporting Details organizer (Google Classroom)
    • ReadWorks Comprehension questions (Google Classroom
    • Mission Statement work time
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  • Wednesday, Sept. 11th

    Posted by Chelsea Oates on 9/11/2019

    Tuesday, Sept. 10th

    -Quote of the Week response and discussion (Google Classroom)

    -Classroom Mission Statement work time

    -Interactive Notebook set-up and notes- main idea and supporting details (Google Classroom)


    Wednesday, Sept. 11th

    -CNN 10 broadcast- remembering Sept. 11th

    -Main Idea and Supporting Details

    -YouTube paragraph



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  • Friday, September 6th

    Posted by Chelsea Oates on 9/6/2019


    Growth Mindset Presentation

    -Creating a definition of growth mindset

    Creating a school mission statement

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  • Thursday, Sept. 5th

    Posted by Chelsea Oates on 9/5/2019

    Parent Night is tonight from 6:30-8:00 pm.  Click on the link below to access my Parent Night presentation.  

    Parent Night Presentation


    Self-Portrait project work time

    -Final projects were due by the end of class today

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  • Friday, August 30th

    Posted by Chelsea Oates on 8/30/2019

    Morning Work

    -Reflection journal: Rose/Thorn


    Work Time

    -Completed classroom Puzzle Piece

    -Self-Portrait paragraph- Final copy is due by end of class on Tuesday!


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  • Thursday, August 29th

    Posted by Chelsea Oates on 8/29/2019

    Morning Work

    -Quote of the Week response (Google Classroom)



    -Self Portrait Graphic Organizer

    -Final paragraph due at the end of class on Tuesday

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  • Wednesday, August 28th

    Posted by Chelsea Oates on 8/28/2019

    Morning Work- Quote of the Week

    -Students answered a question in Google Classroom related to the quote.  Students receive 5 points in the gradebook for completing morning work.


    Activity- Self Portrait Paragraph

    -Assignment is posted in Google Classroom

    -Students worked on completing their graphic organizers in class.


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